Devil's Nest II, LLC, purposes to develop a recreational residential land development subdivision on Lewis and Clark Lake near Crofton, Nebraska. Both lakeside and lakeview properties will be developed. The lake is approximately twenty (20) miles long and three (3) miles wide. It is an excellent boating, sailing, fishing and water skiing lake. There is a major concentration of waterflow during the fall migration period. The Subdivision consists of 2,298 legal lots created by 29 subdivision units recorded in 1973-1975 along and adjacent to one mile of the Lewis and Clark Lake on Missouri River. There have been 30 residences constructed over the years and are currently occupied.

The developers plan to combine the remaining 1700 smaller lots into larger, more desirable, parcels of approximately 1-3 acres in size. There will be approximately 530 lots after combining the smaller parcels. This combination will result in a less dense residential area and provide for increased building areas. It will also be more in line with desire zoning regulations and covenants in the area that have changed over the years. The resultant larger parcels will make the lots more marketable and provide for increased and maintained esthetics of the natural surroundings. The larger lots and fewer parcels will make the use of septic tanks and leach fields feasible for those lots away from the lake. The development will make maximum use of the existing infrastructure.The project proposal includes a plan for upgrading and repairing existing infrastructure and amenities. Necessary repairs will be made to roadways and reconstruction of subdivision streets will be completed.

The water treatment plant has sufficient capacity and additional water mains and fire hydrants will be installed in the development. It is proposed to extend the underground power and telephone supply lines to the remaining lots in the subdivision. The project proposal includes upgrading and repairing several amenities involved in the project. The existing Clubhouse and Yacht Club would be modernized and upgraded and placed back in service. The facility will be used as a focal point as well as utilized as a sales lodge, restaurant, bar, office area and a gathering place for people using the marina facilities.A new marina is included in the project proposal and will be constructed near the Clubhouse. The existing small marina will be repaired and upgraded as required to be placed back in service.There is an Equestrian Center already located on the property and this structure will be upgraded as well as the service building facility in the immediate vicinity.

The facility will offer horseback trail riding, trail rides and other equestrian activities as well as provide boarding for the lot owner's horses in the future. All required permits are in place with the exception of their permitting requirements of the newly proposed marina. The permitting process with the Corp of Engineers should take no longer than 12 to 18 months from project initiation. Preliminary plans for the marina have begun.